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Clone Camera Twin Photos


Clone Camera Twin photos app is the one of the best & interesting clone camera app to make a single photo with two photos of different angles. This Clone camera twin photos app will behave like a dual camera, you can take pictures with your partner are as group photo, Take photo of the partner or group and then call one person from the group or the partner and that will take your picture and the resulted pictures looks like as a single group picture. You can also take your twin pictures using this clone camera twin photos app with different pose. If you want better results from this clone camera twin photos app, use the same backgrounds in both pictures and then no one can say these pictures are taken separately. Take two photos and save as one into you mobile SD Card and also share on social networks. This Clone camera twin photos simulation app will help you when you want to become the part of the picture with your loved one and no one is there to capture your picture & you have installed this Clone Camera Twin Photos app then use this to take clone photos.Important Features:• Using HD front Camera, Take two pictures , clone camera will automatically make this as twin photo and Save• Save in mobile SD card and download anywhere• Share on Social Media Google plus, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc• This Clone Camera Twin Photo allows you to clone yourself and create amazing twin photos• This is free camera application to make twin photos, twin pictures or clone you in one photo.Disclaimer:Graphics, sounds and images are using just for reference. Send us positive feedback about the app. Thanks.Enjoy & have a fun with this clone camera twin photos